who we ARE

Bradbury Essential Safety Compliance is an independent organisation, providing you peace of mind when it comes to your building’s Essential Safety Measures compliance.

Who we are

Bradbury Essential Safety Compliance pride ourselves on being an independent auditing service provider, with a wealth of background experience in our industry. Bradbury will always take into account our client’s needs whilst evaluating their levels of compliance, ensuring that a cost-effective outcome can be achieved whilst satisfying the regulatory conditions placed on buildings and their essential safety measures.

 We are Essential Safety Measures Auditors, first and foremost, but we also have various trade backgrounds which allow us to understand many of the complexities faced by building managers and owners when it comes to compliance. We are fair, impartial, sympathetic and knowledgeable, and it is those traits that separate us from our competitors.

Employ the right people for the right job

The philosophy at Bradbury is simple, employ the right people for the right job.

After working in various organisations over many years, Bradbury feels that our philosophy is important, as all too often we have seen bad advice offered by unqualified service providers. Ensuring that the right people are auditing your buildings, means that unnecessary costs and rectifications may be avoided, whilst attaining the highest levels of essential safety measures compliance.

Contractor Performance Audits
Contractor Performance Audits

Why Bradbury Essential Safety Compliance?

Both Robert Mazar and Peter Strang, hold full trade qualifications as well as technical qualifications in Building Surveying/Building Inspection.

This unique combination of trade and technical experience gives us the ability to approach our Essential Safety Measures audits with an open mind to the challenges of compliance versus the technical hurdles of on-site capabilities.

Experience really does count

Our years of experience has seen us audit a full range of buildings and properties including:

  • High-rise office buildings
  • Petro-chemical plants
  • Airports and associated infrastructure
  • Large-scale manufacturing and warehousing
  • Hospitals and Aged Care facilities
  • Commercial precincts including some of Australia’s largest shopping centres
  • Educational facilities
  • Specialised Alpine, cyclonic and bushfire related structures and buildings
  • Specialised scientific laboratories and defence installations.

Don’t leave it to chance

There literally is no site or building that Bradbury won’t audit, and with that in mind can you afford to use anyone else?

When it comes to Essential Safety Measures compliance, don’t second chance your valuable building assets and mandatory reporting requirements on amateurs.

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If you need a total and knowledgeable solution to any Essential Safety Compliance issues, contact Bradbury Essential Safety Compliance now and have a discussion with our team on the best approach for your buildings.